Saint Nicholas

Dear Deea,

There is a story I need to share with you. Not too long ago I was faced with a choice to travel to Canada for a business trip. Well, if you know anything about Canada, it goes all the way to the North Pole and even the most novice in the geography know that North Pole is the place where Santa Claus is spending his most precious time of the year making toys, preparing the gifts, and feeding the reindeer enough to manage helping him spreading the entire baggage of gifts to all the boys and girls throughout the entire world in one single, special night.

Well… as I was saying.. I was in Canada minding my own business and one day I decided to take a trip up North just to enjoy the nature and the fresh air (Canada, by the way, is a really beautiful country with lots of nature’s preserves and wildlife). At one point something unusual made me stop and look closer at this forest, which looked more like an enchanted one rather than a real forest. Something magical made me get out of my car and start wondering into it.

As I was going through the trails, suddenly in a opening of the trees, a slay seemed to appear right in front of me, out of nowhere. “That’s funny”, I said, “That’s really weird! Who would actually LEAVE a slay in the middle of the forest in a late summer?” I thought.

I decided to get closer and take a look at it. Suddenly I was surrounded by reindeer! I knew that reindeer and caribou are native of Canada, but I never had any close encounter with any herds. Until that day… Needless to say, I was really scared and started to panic. I frantically tried to come up with a survivor idea, something from either biology, zoology or the army, something to help me with what to do and how to act in the presence of wildlife. Since the slay was sitting right there in front of me, I jumped in and crouched, trying to hide and get as small as possible. Interesting enough, the reindeer seemed to be ignoring me, all showing an intriguing expression in their eyes, like they were waiting for something or better, somebody.

A few long moments later – moments that seemed like an eternity – a white bearded man appeared, dressed up in a funny outfit, like an old man from a German fairytale. Heavyset with a big grin on his face came straight to me and he said “I guess you met my children, eh?” I am like, “Huh?” He repeated “I guess you met my “horned” children, eh?” I say “Do you mean, these reindeer are what you call your “children”?” He says, “Yes, indeed”.

Well… suddenly it dawned on me…. this guy was acting like a bad impersonator of Santa. I say, “Now I get it… You’re supposed to be something like a Summer Santa or so, right? Is there a festival or something like this in this neck of the woods?” “No”, he says,”I just stopped by to check on my little firs and pines. I wanted to make sure they’ll be ready to be embellished when time comes.”

Hmmm… “This is too much”, I thought. I had to help him come to his senses… I said “Old man, that’s very funny, but your Santa skit is getting old!” He says, “What would your friends’ children in Romania say if they would hear you talking like this about me?!?”

That totally stunned me… My mind suddenly started racing trying to figure out an explanation. I never told the old man that I was born in Romania!!! How would he know that?? My accent is actually (I was told) more like Scottish or Irish, but nobody guessed Romania EVER! I replied “That’s interesting, you must have heard some other Romanians talking, since you picked up my accent so fast.” He replied “No Mr. Macarie, I actually know everything about each person I ever meet with.”

Now, my face started to get reeeeaaaly long… I couldn’t help myself and a “What the hell????” came out really fast. The old man continued “Not to worry, my son. Remember the little remote controlled firetruck that you dismantled the night of Christmas, right after you found it under the tree quite a few years ago, and you blamed it all on your little brother? Well, I forgave you and forgot all about it since it was a first time for you.”

I started to shake, visibly I guess, accompanied by a livid face trying to find a plausible answer, since he jumped in the slay, sat down by me and he said “Yes, my son, that’s me.. I didn’t think anyone would wonder in these woods at this time of the year. I just wanted to make sure that my fir stash is growing fast and strong. I guess you caught me red handed. Sorry about that.. Usually I am not THAT easy to bump into. Now, tell me, what’s bringing you around this place?” I told him about my trip and all and he asked me “Do you have ANYONE that would you like me to take special care of this year?” I said, “Santa, there are only a few people that I would like you to bring them something REALLY special this year. My nephew Alex Luca, my godchild Lilian and my best friend’s daughter, Deea, who lives in Romania. Each one of them are special kids who deserve some special gifts, something to help them open their minds and broaden their horizons. Could you do that for me? I promise I will never tell anyone about our little encounter!” He says, “Certainly my boy, I can only promise you that each of these three special children will receive something that will encourage them to open up their minds, learn something new, thus opening their own horizons. Hope they all will appreciate their gifts and sometimes in the future you will see the fruits of your wishes fulfilled.”

So, needless to say, my dear Deea, whatever Santa decided to send you, you have to understand that it is a very special gift and it was brought to you with a purpose. I guess it will be your decision and destiny to discover the true purpose of it all. I hope that Santa’s choice was a great one and wish you’ll enjoy your gift, as it is a divine one that holds a special meaning. I am eager to hear about it from you in a few year or even better waiting for you to tell me what was the meaning and how did it help you figure out your calling and how did it help you expanding your own horizon.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year from Uncle Cat, Aunt Valli, Bunica Ani and Ms. Santy Paws!

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