Catalin Macarie

Catalin MacarieCatalin "Cat" Macarie is the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cat Creatives. He is also Associate Professor of Business Management and Director of Freshmen Experience at Carl H. Lindner College of Business, University of Cincinnati.

He brings extensive domestic and international experience into his classroom, administering the activities for and teaching a cohort of over 700 students, divided into 36 classes and learning communities, each and every academic year. Catalin's in-classroom focus stresses on sharing his experience through outstanding business communication, organizational change and team-management skills with his young future business executives.

Catalin Macarie

Catalin brings also 30 years of demonstrated success and achievements as a leader and operational manager in the corporate world. During his tenure working with several renown national and international companies, he successfully directed business turn-around and large projects administration for global business development, marketing and creative efforts, complex Web and technical systems implementation and deployment, and profit improvement and cost reduction programs.

He holds a Master of Science Degree in Engineering Design and a Masters of Business Administration Degree in Executive Leadership & Organizational Change.

He is the current Vice President of Foreign Policy Leadership Council of Ohio, immediate past Chairman of Midwest USA Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and is part of the strategic advisory team for University of Cincinnati’s International Programs and Department.

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