Marketing Trends Small Businesses Need To Know

Recent research suggests two main trends for small businesses working to build their online presence have emerged; mobile optimization and content creation. These two trends support other statistics showing small business marketers are moving to invest more in digital marketing during 2013 and why you should focus on mobile and content today.

At the end of April, AT&T announced the results of its 2013 Small Business Technology Poll. They found that 66% of small businesses believed they could not survive – or it would be a major challenge to survive – without wireless technologies.1 If smartphones and tablets are so integral to small businesses, surely they are just as important to customers as well. One Google study found that 67% of consumers are more likely to buy from a mobile-friendly site, indicating that if your site is not mobile optimized, you better start now.2

Of the small business respondents in the AT&T study, 66%, said they planned to invest as much or more in digital marketing this year, focusing on mobile marketing solutions and content for their website.

A study from the Content Marketing Institute found that 57% of small business marketers are planning on increasing their content marketing budgets this year.3

Small businesses understand that they must use the same technologies their customers use and are willing to spend more on mobile optimization and creating top-notch content for their websites to cement their online presence.

The most consistent advice offered by small business experts is to make sure your website has quality content to engage potential customers and that your site is optimized, meaning it can be  viewed on smartphones and tablets.


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