Internet Trends for 2013

Did you know Vine’s user base doubled from March to April? And nearly 150 million photos were shared on Snapchat last month, up from 60 million in February?

Or that U.S. citizens, even in the homeland of both those apps, share much less online than people in Saudi Arabia, India and Indonesia?

These stats and dozens of others are informing the future of the Internet, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers wants to make sure we’re all paying attention. The venture capital firm is out with its latest KPCB Internet Trends presentation, a 117-slide report.

It details how the Internet’s 2.4 billion users around the world are using the various social media, photo, video and data tools, and on their mobile and tablet devices. It also makes some predictions, like that wearable devices will be the fastest technology cycle of them all, and that drivable (car sensors) and flyable (drones) devices are close behind them.

A handful of slides are dedicated to what we can learn from China.

Check out the full presentation here:

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