DuckDuckGo Grows Another 50% Adds Cloud Features

DuckDuckGo, the little search engine that could, had another record month for traffic, up 50 percent to 45 million total direct searches for the entire month, an average 1.47 million per day, founder Gabriel Weinberg wrote in an email to users.

“Thank you for helping to continue to spread DuckDuckGo,” Weinberg wrote.

As part of that thanks, Weinberg also said that DuckDuckGo had introduced several new features, including the ability for users to save their search settings “anonymously in the cloud,” to have the same search settings available across multiple devices and browsers.

As TPM recently reported, DuckDuckGo, a free search engine that launched in 2008 with a wing and a prayer against Google, has experienced an enormous boost in new users in the wake of Google’s newly introduced privacy policy and concerns about the Google’s practices towards personal user data.

DuckDuckGo promotes its privacy settings and simplicity over rivals.

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