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Content Marketing is the Branding Game Changer

To some people, a brand is just a label they pay for on an overpriced running shoe or makeup product. Marketers from these companies know better. They’ve worked hard to build the image of the company into something consumers not only like, but they can trust.

“A brand is more than just a logo. It is a company or organization’s promise,”says Marcus McReynolds, Director of Digital Marketing at Fusion 360, an advertising and digital marketing agency in Salt Lake City, UT. “It is its lifeblood, its essence and its story.”

For something so important, McReynolds and Fusion 360 offer some interesting advice. To them, less is more. The agency provides content marketing for a variety of clients while remembering to not interrupt the target market with obnoxious messages.

“Content marketing is an ongoing conversation between clients and consumers,”says McReynolds. “Interrupting the target market with a marketing message is an outdated and ineffective practice.”

The part where most companies go wrong is the messaging component of branding. Messaging can make or break the relationship a company has with their target market or audience. Consumers want to not only like and know the product but trust the company as well.

While a brand presence is still necessary part of its recognition, (think color schemes, logos, brand voice, etc.) content marketing takes branding and allows more room for conversation. When a brand is not discussing itself, it is able to listen to what the target audience needs.

Content marketing not only picked up where traditional marketing left off, it found a way to get consumers the right information to move toward the client while remaining in the background. It delivers the message without interrupting the consumers’ conversation with the brand.

It is a delicate balance and not everyone can make it work, but some advertising agencies have mastered the art of content marketing, bringing conversion to clients. Fusion 360 has increased organic website traffic by 881 percent for one client in a matter of weeks.

“Less is more” doesn’t just apply to cologne or eyeliner anymore. In the digital revolution of content marketing, less is definitely more.

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